Daily Mail: Rupert Murdoch Will Not Be Supporting Donald Trump


There is a report out of the daily mail. That the owner of Fox News channel Rupert Murdoch is saying that they are not going to be supporting Donald Trump in this presidential cycle. And that's why we've seen Fox News take a turn. We've already seen the New York Post and The Wall Street Journal take a turn against Trump as well. So I'm curious to know if that's going to have any impact on your viewing habits, if Fox News is ordered to stand down. And not get behind Donald Trump. And again, this goes back to a much broader question. What happens when the establishment Republicans decide they're going to take their ball and go home? Now, some of you out there are going to say, well, we're just going to keep fighting. Okay, yes, but that is a losing proposition. And this is the challenge. For the Republican Party, we're divided party right now. No doubt about it. A divided party. And we got to figure out how does everybody get along for the greater good. And what is that greater good?

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