Biden Begs Supreme Court for Loan Forgiveness


Let's get into the news the day here because we have the president thinking he can wave a magic wand and somehow turn around the courts on this whole student loan debacle. Don't forget this was struck down. It's not constitutional. They say, well, somehow he's going back at it again. He now has a lawsuit. He now has a lawsuit that he's taken to the Supreme Court because the Biden administration wants the Supreme Court to revive. His student loan relief program that would forgive up to $20,000 in student debt for tens of millions of Americans. You know what this really is about. Unfortunately, it is about politics because if they actually cared about fixing the system and making sure that more kids didn't take on debt, they couldn't afford it. They'd actually put it back on the colleges. The colleges that are sitting on billions of dollars in endowments were in the colleges are ones with the money. Let's be very clear. And the colleges took advantage of the system that the government, very poorly set up, which then took advantage of a lot of kids, of course, I still believe Gianna know what you're doing when you sign on that dotted line. We have gotten such a massive academia complex that really rivals what we saw once with the military conflict. Remember how back in the 80s everybody was pointing to that big giant military complex they hated it so much. We have the equivalent effectively. If you would in academia, and it's not really serving our country, it's not serving these kids, and it's landing them in tons of debt because, hey, you get a blank check and nobody thinks about having to pay it back. Meanwhile, colleges are out of control in terms of what their inflation rates are because, hey, it's free money. What happens when you have free money? Have we not learned anything over the last couple of years anyway, the Justice Department said in a court filing on Thursday that it planned to ask the Supreme Court to reverse an injunction that was issued earlier in the week by the 8th circuit Court of Appeals prohibits the administration from carrying out student debt relief separately the Justice Department is asking the 5th circuit Court of Appeals to put on hold a decision by a district court judge in Texas to strike down the debt relief program as illegal because hey, why not?

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