A highlight from Martinsville: Ross Chastains wild ride; does NASCAR need to address future moves; Christopher Bells must-win moment; Ty Gibbs possible title repercussions



To talk about and I am so glad that the mayor has volunteered his time. He's not even on the show tonight, and you came in to do this. Well, it's Halloween. I wanted to show off my arms. Sweatshirt. You're very festive. Yes. And who wouldn't be after this race Sunday at Martinsville? So it was one by Christopher Bell, which was amazing in its own right because it's the second time in the playoffs. He's had this must win situation and fulfilled that. We're going to get to Christopher Bell. But we got to start with Ross Chastain. And this move that he made on the final lap, Jeff. He essentially pinned his car to the wall through turns three and four, drove into the wall at a 130 miles an hour, kept it there all the way around, went from tenth to 5th and ensured that he would make the championship for. So I guess I'll just start with the most basic of questions. How did this work? Why does driving into the wall with a 130 miles an hour in keeping it pinned there at work? Why does that go faster than being on the bottom, which is the shortest way around? Well, essentially, not only did he put it in 5th gear. So knowing that he was going to be going faster, he had the wherewithal to switch to put it in 5th gear, stand in the gas, put it against the wall on the back straightaway so he could enter all the way against the wall, and then when everybody's off the gas, he's using the wall to keep him from spinning out or moving up the racetrack or wrecking. I mean, he's actually using the wall to keep himself from wrecking. And just stayed in the gas. And literally by the work that I've done, probably going 50 to 60 mph faster in the center of the corner than everybody else. And it looks like a hundred mile an hour faster, but simply he literally used the wall to keep from wrecking and by carrying that much speed. I wonder how much the new car had to do with that, right? So you got different wheels that retires, different body, all that kind of stuff. I wonder how big of an impact that had in the ability to do that because it's not the first time we've seen it tried. Carl Edwards tried it at Kansas, but he did it wrong. He tried it. He drove from the came from the inside. Yeah, he needed to enter from the top and be on the wall when he entered and then go all the way around and it might have worked. We've seen at Darlington, we've seen it tried a couple of times. Kyle Larson did tried it last year, didn't work. And this year, and they said it right. Sheldon Creed Sheldon Creed tried it. And it got about halfway around the corner before it quit working. And so I wonder how much the car had to do with that. But just and he said, he did it playing video games as a kid. I think the first time I ever saw a race car do that was on GameCube 2005 GameCube like console. I don't know if anybody else in the world had those, but we did and my brother Chad beat me. Doing it at the fictitious, I think it was Dodge, raceway. And he said that he came off turn two and said, well, why don't I try this? It wasn't premeditated. I don't know. I wonder if it wasn't, you know, if they didn't spend some time working on it in the film or I wonder, right? Because how do you, how does that just pop in your head? I mean, I don't know, I'm not a video gamer. I grew up just past the video game thing. And but I mean, what an incredible move. What an incredible show of resilience, never quit, do anything, try anything. I mean, just incredible. I mean, I feel like I've done this for a long time. I had done it as long as Kyle or DJ and those guys, but I've never seen anything to compare it to. Watching it in person was like, I initially, for that one millisecond thought his throttle hung. And that somehow he had made the wise decision to put it against the wall. It's a millisecond. And then I recognize, oh, this is on purpose. And we've seen it in person. It looks so he was so much faster than everybody else. It didn't look real. And it on TV it doesn't either. But in person, it didn't look real. It looks like he's running at two or three times speed versus normal speed nuts. Nuts. And I mean, hey, all credit to him. I mean, Denny Hamlin has got to be had to wake up this morning doing what the hell. Yeah. All credit to him, again, a sign of, I'm going to do anything, which is exactly why Justin mork's Harding. And he said that after the race and his interview, I think with Dylan well, she's just a marks. He said, I

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