A Missed Opportunity for the GOP


I had an opportunity yesterday to talk to quite a few people about kind of their take on what's going on and their take on what's going on is that is that this was a missed opportunity for the GOP. Now, it's not as if the Republicans are in bad shape. It's almost like, you know, if we have an army and we're on the battlefield, we have advanced. We have actually taken territory. If we have the house, that alone will allow us to bootstrap to hog tie to block Biden's legislative agenda for two more years. So think of the things that Biden got through, and there wasn't a whole lot he got through, but he got through a couple of big spending bills. One was the kind of COVID relief package and the other was the so called modified build back better that Manchin in the end ended up voting for, but the Republicans were kind of powerless to block these things. Why? Because Republicans, because Democrats control the house, albeit narrowly, they control the Senate because of their ability of Kamala Harris to break a tie, and of course they have the presidency. You need all of that for a bill to become a law. So what happens now is that the Republicans will be able to say neat or no to Biden. That alone is a very good thing.

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