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It's not just the Monday show. It's the Halloween special. I mean, Kelly and Ryan dress up. I mean, The Today Show dresses up. You and I dressing up. I mean, you look fabulous. Who are you wearing? Who are you? You look like Buffalo Bill today from sucker to the legends. I'm just wearing a T-shirt and I'm in my closet, but I am on TV in a little bit, but I'm not in studio. I'm zooming in, so I thought about it Garrett, is it too much if I zoom in in full Halloween drag? Or what do you think? Tis the season. I mean, it's like doing an interview on Christmas and not wearing a Christmas sweater. And you know what I mean? It's quite a serious topic though, too. I'm talking about Kanye West and I don't want to look like little Bo PEEP and talk about that would be perfect. You dressed up as bob talking about Kanye and the craziness that is his life would just, I mean, that sums up Kanye. It's crazy. It's crazy. I'll let you know tomorrow if I do it. Hey, let's jump into the show. What time is it, my Friends? It is. T times the big story at the top of the show over the weekend, gisele and Tom Brady finalized their divorce and I fans think that she is shading him in the announcement so eagle eyed social media users you know who you are. Notice that the supermodel had a very specific word choice in her statement and what is making them think that something's going on here is all the rumors that Tom chose football over their marriage. She said the following. My priority has always been and will continue to be our children. That's the very first thing she said. He put out a statement slightly different from hers and that people think that there is some sort of dis, some sort of shade here. What I did find interesting is in my experience, and I did this for a long time as a publicist. I did the breakup of J.Lo and Ben, their first breakup, let's hope there's not another, and I did the Nick and Jessica. What happens in my experience is that both celebrities put out exactly the same statement at exactly the same time. It's all coordinated. They didn't do that. They both had their own statement, she led with the children. What do you think? Oh, a 100%. I mean, this goes back to march. So when Tom Brady announced his retirement, everyone thought, okay, they're going off into the sunset. See you later. Here's $500 million from Fox Sports to work one day a week. And then he obviously missed football very much two weeks later, he comes back and here's the interesting thing. I think that part in March, it was the beginning to the end of that relationship. Because he took two weeks off in the middle of the summer, which was a rarity for him as a sports player, you know, getting ready for the season. But a few sources of mine. You're not the only one. They were working out there divorce deal in that two week time period he had off in The Bahamas to just, you get this, you get that. That's why, you know, as of Friday, the divorce was finalized. You know, normally, as you know, and I know, it's very long and drawn out, but they pretty much have been working on this since Tom decided to go back to football, so at the end of the day, no matter how you look at it, football was the problem. Well, football, so interesting, so a lot of people are saying, this is so rare. This is unheard of that their divorce is done. They're single already. So I think a lot of people think that they announced they were breaking upon Friday now on Friday. They announced it was over, so behind the scenes, they had already worked at Custer D, Alamo split in the assets. So on Friday, all a judge had to do was approve it. There's no negotiations now. They have been done. I think this is a really smart way to do a divorce. God forbid we don't like divorces. We want you to stay together, but if this does happen, I think that if you can sit down together and not spend all that money on lawyers or publicist fighting with one another and you come to a deal, a fair deal. I think that's the best way to go, obviously, in a lot of cases, there's so much anger that people want revenge and vengeance. That isn't the case here. I'm told it's a pretty much a clean split. Well, yes, and but the other interesting thing is that things like this, like Tom Brady's announcement of retiring from football got out there. The fact that this was able to fly under the radar for what a half a year almost, which is a rarity in our world, rupture, as you know. Credit to them and you know what? I think it was because they went off to The Bahamas. They did it there, and then people started putting pieces together like, you know, giselle's not living with him. She's not, she's not tweeting out, you know, good luck this season, blah, blah, blah. So people, people were pretty much like 6 months behind that. Yeah, they were already in front of me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's so, so clever. She is going to continue living in Miami my insider say he's going to remain in Tampa and this weekend he was spotted out with the kids taking them to a movie, which brings us to our poll question of the day. Fans think giselle shaded Tom Brady in the divorce announcement. What do you think? Yes or no? Was there a little bit of shade there?

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