From Minnesota to Peru, Day of the Dead celebrations take many forms across the Americas


On this week's religion roundup from Minnesota to Peru day of the dead celebrations take many forms across the Americas While many American children gobbled candy on the days after Halloween families across North and South America and the Caribbean Celebrated the day of the dead It's a day when the living remember and honor the departed But with celebration not sorrow What was once an intimate family tradition observed with home altars and visits to local cemeteries has evolved to include festivals and parades The Minnesota state capitol hosted its first ever community altar for the day of the dead Henry Jimenez sees the altar as a meaningful connection between his state and Latin America Connect me to seeing them in Mexico and El Salvador and now they're here in Minnesota Meanwhile in Haiti celebrants flocked to a cemetery in the capital Kicking off the voodoo annual two day festival of the dead And in Peru it was the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began that festival goers could take part in the tradition without restrictions Families gathered at a cemetery in Mexico City for the annual day of the dead festivities A group of traditional Aztec dancers chanted and paid their respects to the deceased It's one of Mexico's most colorful holidays It combines Roman Catholic observances of all souls day with pre Hispanic customs of offering flowers and food or even cigars and tequila to returning souls At another cemetery in southeastern Mexico a family cleans the bones of their parents in a tradition passed down through the generations in their Mayan community As she cleans the bones of her relatives Maria two says she feels the dead are with her and her family during the celebrations I'm Walter ratliff

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