Winston Churchill's Warning of the Iron Curtain


To get this visual idea of a curtain coming down, when this speech came out, this was a fault that had been around that you used a mini, this separated the two sides. This iron curtain is a movable object that is coming down in which the east and the west were separate. If you read deeply into the speech, you can see that Churchill's desire, is there not to be a separation. I think he believed inherently that if there would be more cooperation, there would be more influence. There would be more contact. There would be more of the freedom contacting the non freedom that the freedom would win out. Of course, the USSR did not want that freedom. They did not want their influence, the people influenced by free invest you saw this iron curtain is Churchill. So poetically put, crossing the continent of Europe and taking what was free on one side as he talks about and then what was not free on the other. If you look at this today, the concern that is out there among many. Is that we are seeing communist states. Our totalitarian states who are seeing more and more of an opportunity to expand their sphere of influence and expand opportunities. We're seeing them become more closed in. You see North Korea that is one of the most backward, small countries in the world that terrorizes all people for it's living. And a very existence. You have China who's spreading more and more and putting pressure on its neighbors. You see Russia who is taking armed aggression into those to provide a quote buffer, real or imagined in Putin's head to keep the Soviet Union or the Russia and protection. This is seems in 1945 or 1946 in this speech but I believe Winston Churchill laying out the facts. That in a world in which you have divisions of beliefs in freedom and expansion for people that the governments of the world are going to have to be able to cooperate with each other and experience the benefits of freedom, the benefits of a government in which you have a legislative executive you have a judiciary that is on its own and not try to keep people in the dark or behind the curtain of freedom. This is going to be the battle as we go forward. It was the battle then. And it's something now that you hear a great deal of spoken of whether it's in the Ukrainian president zelensky, you hear it with the other country surrounding them, is that if this happens in Ukraine, what is next? Is it simply going to stop here?

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