America Has a Lot Going On...


So Elon Musk just invited Donald Trump back on to Twitter, but is it going to matter? Is he going to go? I have said all along, he set up the whole thing as a rival. This may be an olive branch. And it's not Elon's fault. That comes just a little too late. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the program. I am Trisha, and we're going to talk about that. Plus, Kevin McCarthy is making some big plans there at the house and there's going to be some big changes coming to the House intelligence committee, which probably needed to happen. And we're going to explain exactly what they are. Welcome. I'm trusting this is a Trish Regan show portions of today's program are brought to you by legacy precious metals. I encourage you to go to legacy precious metals today, go to legacy p.m. investments dot com actually slash Trish and sign up. We're going to have another one of these discussions, wonderful discussions. You, me, the CEO of the company talking about the challenges in America faces right now. But the only way you can participate in that and it's all for free is to go to legacy p.m. investments dot com slash Trish today or go to my website and I'll make sure that you get the invite. If you sign up for my newsletter at Trish Intel dot com, again, it's Trish Intel dot com. Sign up for the newsletter. Okay, we got a lot going on. We get a lot going on. Donald Trump may be back on Twitter. I doubt it, but he's still on truth. We get Kevin McCarthy planning big, big changes, which are important right now in our House Intel committee, and we've gotten a country that's really hurting, still, America. We love this country. I love this country. I know you love this country. And we're struggling. We're struggling because we've got a very uncertain economic future, but I'll tell you this. We can not lose hope. It's really important to stay focused to know what the goal is. And I'll tell you, especially if you're a senior, especially if you're a senior because there's so much bad stuff out there, but I know that you probably know deep down. That if we work together, we will be a stronger America together because that's how it happens, right? And history has proven that. It's why I'd love to see you join forces with an organization. I think it's just incredible, and they're doing such incredible things. And it's the American association of mature American citizens. The association of mature American citizens. Also known as amac, by the way, you can go find them at amac dot U.S. slash Regan today. It is an organization that really exists to enrich the lives of seniors. Uphold the freedoms for all Americans by pushing and fighting for conservative causes, we need people out there standing up for those conservative causes. And you can be part of this membership comes with all kinds of great things you get. Cell phone plan discounts and restaurant discounts and the hotel discounts so go today. It's just $16 a year and you're going to be able to join forces with more than 2 million people that care is passionately as I know you do as I do. About this nation and you'll get advice on Medicare and financial planning and all that good stuff.

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