Caller: The Value of a 'Moderate' Tone


When I use the term moderate, I don't mean necessarily liberal on voting ideas, but I think modern in our language, being able to reach out to people and understand their perspective. Look, Newt Gingrich, I used to go to Washington a lot for the outdoor industry. And his staff and I had all these treat munchers, you know, with me, I was the only Republican about a 30 of the leaders in the street. They were so welcoming. And so nice and the speed where we come by and wave to everybody. So everybody, I mean, she loved animals. Even though, even though he might not agree to allow their agenda, he really a lot of those people walked out, they said, you know, you use a Republicans aren't so bad after all. I think there's just a tone and a way of being moderate in how we conduct ourselves that opens people's minds to see why the conservative agenda is what's best for our country. That is sort of. Mike

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