Rebecca Weber: A Structural Voting Problem Promoted by Democrats


Are reading Seamus column here, make some very good points for example. Mitch McConnell out there publicly endorsing and supporting candidates who were clearly anti Trump looking at rhino Lisa Murkowski, giving her money. He also spent big money on Murkowski, even though she voted to confirm kanti Brown Jackson while she voted against Brett Kavanaugh. This is an in your face move, meanwhile, you have Kevin McCarthy out there, and he is covertly and has been covertly supporting establishment candidates and trying to sabotage the campaigns of true conservative candidates out there. That's exactly right. And we saw that a lot of the candidates hand picked by Kevin McCarthy lost races. But again, major media knows that people know the Trump's name, the average person might not know who Kevin McCarthy is, unless you're paying attention to politics, right? And even if you look at what happened with the Oz betterman race, I don't think it's because Trump endorsed a bad candidate. I think that 70% of the democratic vote was mailed in prior to the debate. And we know that the debate was a bit of a goal. And we know this as a sediment campaign really misled the public. Saying that his stroke was not very severe. So we're seeing this over and over again. There's definitely a structural voting problem. We've seen that. We see how the Democrats are using COVID to implement and extend a vote by mail in early voting schemes. So this is something that we here at a Mac or very focused about or members care. We had over 12,000 amac members who participated as poll watchers, but this was an issue impacting the entire country and we've got a really work aggressively to remedy.

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