Ric Grenell: U.S. Weakness Led to Brexit, European Borders Changing


But when I hear this stuff and you may disagree with me I don't know your view The American people don't care about Ukraine You know the American people didn't care about Austria The American people didn't care about Czechoslovakia The American people didn't care about Poland at one point And then all of a sudden we have the Third Reich I'm not saying this is the Third Reich I'm not even saying this is the old Soviet Union but I don't think we should be so cavalier as people with a public microphone that just blow this sort of thing off I'd be curious about what you think Yeah I actually agree And I would go one step further in that it matters for NATO and it matters for Europe I spent a long time in Berlin hearing from Brussels and Paris and Berlin about why the transatlantic relationship was really about strengthening Europe And I told Chancellor Merkel that the reason why Brexit happened the reason why Crimea happened rewriting of the European borders which is Absolute nightmare Scenario The reason why we've had the borders rewritten in Europe In the last ten years a couple of times is because of weakness from the United States That's just a plain fact

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