Remembering Rush Limbaugh One Year After His Death


The great Rush Limbaugh went to heaven. He was special. I'll tell you what. All the times driving all across the country, it was a tradition. When I was first getting turning point USA started, I would rent cars, you know, I couldn't rent a car until I was like 22 or 23 or whatever. And I'd always be going to meetings. And I'd try to schedule my meeting so I could be in the car during rush. And so you'd Google Los Angeles, Russia affiliate. And I'd be driving from I don't know, Santa Barbara or Oxnard to Orange County. And I'd be making calls in between, but right there on the radio was rush. No matter where I was in the country I could always get my rush and so then my great friend Tom Patrick May he rest in peace. He was so special. He really got me on to rush when rush I think was at his best rush was at his absolute best. In my personal opinion, not that he was ever bad, but just when I think he was just hitting home run after home run during 2016, 17 and 18, those were the three years where rush was most needed when it was the Christine balls a Ford stuff. The Russia gate stuff and the Trump stuff in 16 rush was spectacular. He kept people at ease about Trump, he kept people at ease about the whole thing. He was he was just so special. I could go on about my stories. I got to know him personally. And he was a friend.

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