Why Did Larry Taunton Visit Cuba?


Hey folks, welcome back. We're talking to my friend Larry Alex Taunton, who knows a little bit about communism. In fact, ten minutes ago, or maybe it was two days ago, he was in Cuba. Larry, why? Were you in Cuba? Well, it's interesting, Eric, I've wanted the opportunity to get into Cuba for many, many years now, and it seems I was always blocked. And on this occasion, I had the opportunity to go for humanitarian reasons, but it gave me the opportunity to really look at the underbelly of communism there. And of course, what you find is that any communist state, kind of like Islamic states, they create cookie cutter a country. They all kind of look the same in terms of their poverty, the way their secret police operates. And in this kind of thing. But Cuba relates to our conversation about Ukraine. In explaining why we are where we are. John F. Kennedy decided that the west simply would not tolerate a Russian missiles 90 miles off of our coast. We were very nervous about having a Russian puppet state, rightly so, right off of the coast of the United States, bay of pigs happened all of these things. The efforts to destabilize the Castro regime. Well, this time it's reversed. The Russians see us. As putting a puppet state right up against their border

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