Rep. Guy Reschenthaler Makes His Pitch for Bringing the RNC to Pittsburgh in 2024


Make your pitch for Pittsburgh 2024. Oh, well, yeah, so you pitched me as one of the four. Yeah, one of the four cities being considered for the Republican National Convention. And look, it's incredibly important that we go to a swing state such as Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh in particular, southwestern Pennsylvania. But there's also no better example of the shift you've seen in that party from the Bush Cheney errors to the president Trump era because in Pittsburgh, especially southwestern Pennsylvania, you've had these blue collar workers that have jumped to the Republican Party in droves. All four of the surrounding counties in the southwest corner Pittsburgh have gone from Democrat controlled counties to Republican controlled counties. That's very important. So for their RNC to come to Pittsburgh, what used to be the center of manufacture at least steel manufacturing in the United States? To what is now the shift in that example of the shift in the party from the old school Republicans to the Trump Republicans. It was in a large message to the rest of the nation. And I think it would drive out turnout in Pennsylvania, which is going to be incredibly important, moving forward to win Pennsylvania. So that's my pitch plus, it's just a beautiful, livable city, livable area. Look, I've been all over. I've been all over the world. I've been all over the United States. There's no place that's more beautiful than western Pennsylvania, no place where the people are

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