Some Reactions to Russia-Ukraine Crisis Are Completely Tone Deaf


The battle for Kyiv is on. And Russian forces are pushing toward the capital. The Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and according to U.S. intelligence estimates, it's not going to take them long to get it. They have deployed ferocious force 150,000 troops. They've got superior weaponry, and so you see all these grim pictures of the Ukrainians and bomb shelters and kind of hunkering down, but according to news reports and apparently according to intelligence estimates, it's only going to be three to four days before the Russians are in Kyiv and Putin is having breakfast in Kyiv. Now what to me is really disturbing and this is really shows the shift in our culture is the way in which various figures in the media and entertainment even in politics are talking about this in a manner that suggests a complete lack of seriousness about foreign policy. A lack of understanding, a lack of comprehension and a kind of inane projection of local concerns that have to do with political correctness and other kinds of nonsense on to Putin and onto Russia and onto a global stage that doesn't really see things this way. I'll talk about power politics in the moment, but let me just read a few things that I've been seeing and hearing his joy behar. She's a little upset about what's happening in Ukraine. She says, this could kind of shake up the map of Europe and Italy. She goes, I've been planning a vacation to Italy. This could interfere with that. This is joy behar. Apparently it all comes down to joy behar's vacation. Then we have a guy also on social media, an academic of some sort and he goes, well, you know, Putin, yeah, where does he get the arrogance to do this kind of thing? It's probably because of white supremacy, Putin's white. Could he really do this if he were black or if you were brown, and I'm thinking to myself, how out of it is this type of analysis? I mean, it's one thing to, you know, talk like this at oberlin or bowdoin college, but to put this out when we're discussing a serious international event. I mean, people are even talking addressing Putin directly I've seen some videos of this effect and they're talking to Putin like he's some woke graduate of like Yale and that he cares about how you feel or how the Ukrainians feel or how the world they keep hearing with the world will not forgive you. The world. As if Putin is sitting around, yeah, well, what is the world think about what I'm doing? This does not enter into his brain at all.

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