What Does It Mean to Honor Your Parents vs. Love Your Parents?


What does it mean to honor your parents versus loving your parents? Well, that's my point that I made when I first started teaching the greatest document in history, the ten commandments. Again, this is why I'm in love with the Bible and especially the first 5 books. Which I'm writing my commentary on. There is a law to love your neighbor. Love your neighbors yourself. There's a law to love the stranger, love the stranger, because you were strangers the land of Egypt, there's a lot of love God, love the lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and the layer Mike. But there's no law, there's no law to love your parents. You don't have to love your parents. It's so liberating that fact because people are racked with guilt if they don't love their parents. But you have to honor them, and I'll give a non parental example and then go back to parents. I was in many years ago I was in a radio studio. And Jimmy Carter walked in. I can't stand Jimmy Carter. But Jimmy Carter had been president of the United States. And I Dennis stand up for a president or ex-president of the United States. I stood up and shook his hand. I honored the president. I didn't honor Jimmy Carter. I have no desire to honor Jimmy Carter, but I honored the president, if you don't want to honor your mom or your dad, that's fine. But you have to honor the father and mother of your life. If it's sometimes impossible, there truly evil human beings or one of them is, all in every instance in life, exceptions are not the rule. Seat belts save lives. Sometimes they kill people. If your car is on fire and it crash and your seat belt is broken, you're trapped and you will die of being burned alive. But it is fair to say seat belts save lives. As a rule, you honor your father and mother.

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