Ohio governor signs new congressional district map into law


Republican Ohio governor Mike DeWine signed into law a new map of congressional districts that will be in effect for the next four years the wind said in a statement the Senate legislation he signed makes the most progress to produce a fair compact and competitive map the measure cleared the state legislature along party lines after breakneck sprint through both chambers this week under this year's U. S. census results Ohio lost one seat in Congress starting next year the new law creates at most three safe democratic districts out of fifteen U. S. house seats in a state where voters are split roughly fifty four percent Republican and forty six percent democratic the counties that are home to Cleveland and Cincinnati were divided three ways each one district that includes the western Cleveland suburbs now stretches to the Indiana border three hours away the Princeton gerrymandering project gave the map an F. grade Jan Miller with the league of women voters in Ohio said leaders had trampled the state's constitution rather than purely represent a highlands I'm Jennifer king

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