'Which One Is It, Grandpa?': Biden Plays Both Sides on Voting Reform


Grandpa, Joe yesterday in his disastrous press conference, said that voter turnout during COVID, November 2020 was all time high. It was huge. Everybody turned out to vote. Really? And then he turns around and says, we're suppressing votes. Which is a grandpa. Are you suppressing votes? I mean, are we suppressing votes? Should we we evil Republicans? Or are a lot of people voting? Nobody's votes being suppressed. Nobody's being disenfranchised. Nobody's being turned to turned away because of the color of their skin. And nobody should say the people of color are too stupid to figure out how to get an ID in order to vote. I mean, it's a joke. Pocahontas is in Massachusetts squawking about making sure you have an ID to get your vaccine card and make sure you got to be vaccinated, you got to show your vax card to go get a burger and you have your ID next to it. That's not racist, but if you dare ask a black person or Hispanic person to produce an ID when they vote now, that's racist. They don't believe any of it. It's a

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