The Left Isn't Hiding Their Totalitarianism Anymore


But the left isn't hiding anymore That's been the theme of today's show They're just out there in the open right now again pushing like hard totalitarianism now Folks it's not a conspiracy theory I'm using their own audio clips It's their own clips You've got a Democrat a member of Congress jayapal openly celebrating the censorship excuse me censorship of her political opponents Marjorie Taylor Greene and others you've got a Democrat prominent lawyer this mark Elias talking about Maybe we should sue a bunch of Republicans so that they don't run again Did you just say that on your Twitter Yes you did You've got Schumer talking about nuking the filibuster to do a federal takeover of elections And the media at the adventure he's a conspiracy theorist I'm using their own words you idiots If Evan osnard is listening or someone else I'm using your own words You got Elizabeth Warren wants to pack the Supreme Court What more evidence do you need You think it's a conspiracy theory It's happening They're not even being delicate about it

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