Parents of Michigan school shooting suspect charged with involuntary manslaughter


Think think it's it's criminal criminal I'm I'm Ben Ben Thomas Thomas the the parents parents of of the the fifteen fifteen year year old old charged charged in in the the deadly deadly shooting shooting at at a a Michigan Michigan high high school school this this week week are are now now facing facing charges charges themselves themselves four four students students were were killed killed at at Oxford Oxford high high school school and and Jennifer Jennifer and and James James Crumley Crumley have have been been charged charged with with four four counts counts of of involuntary involuntary manslaughter manslaughter Oakland Oakland county county prosecutor prosecutor Karen Karen McDonald McDonald says says they they went went to to the the school school that that morning morning after after a a teacher teacher found found this this note note on on their their son's son's desk desk a a drawing drawing of of a a semi semi automatic automatic handgun handgun pointing pointing at at the the words words quote quote the the thoughts thoughts won't won't stop stop help help me me end end quote quote in in another another section section of of the the note note was was a a drawing drawing of of a a bullet bullet with with the the following following words words above above that that bullet bullet quote quote blood blood everywhere everywhere and and quotes quotes between between

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