Lord Conrad Black Discusses the Current Turmoil in Canada


Lord Conrad black, welcome back to America first. Thank you, Sebastian, all this glad to be with you. So Conrad, we have I played a full almost two minutes of this ladies, parliamentary common comments, she's the deputy leader of the opposition Candice Bergen, no the other one. And I'm just going to paint abbreviated version now because I was very pressed play cut. Course, we all condemn hateful and destructive acts by you. At any protest. Whether it's beheading the statue of Queen Victoria and Manitoba, tearing down the statue of sir Johnny in Montreal or putting flags on Terry Fox, whether it's burning churches, whether it's wearing blackface, whether it's lesbian up like, are Nazi flakes. We all condemn it. But I'm not talking about that. A standing ovation for that lady is just in Trudeau is I don't know in hiding got COVID doing blackface again, a lord black. How much is this shaking the body politic in Canada? It's a little hard to say right now. I mean, they started out being pillory by the press as troublemakers who had blocked roads. But as you can see, and it has been clear from the American coverage of it. There really good good guys. There's no violence. Nobody's carrying Nazi flags or anything like that. There's no destruction. And they do have a legitimate grievance. And actually, can I just jump in there? There's amazing footage at one of these rallies for the truckers where a ballet clovered individual popped up from nowhere with a southern flag from the United States and was escorted off the premises of the protests because they say we don't need provocateurs. So I very impressive little black. Look at Canada. It's not a file in place. You know, people are reasonable and moderate and polite. And these people have agreements. I mean, it's very skilled work driving these big trucks. It's absolutely necessary to the economy and the distribution of everything. And almost all of them go back and forth across the border all the time. And this absolutely moronic regulation in this country requires them to quarantine for two weeks after they reenter the

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