Kevin McCullough on Blue State Governors Easing Mask Requirements


Where my guest right now on a gigantic screen so large that I can see his pores, although I will make no reference to them, our friend, Kevin McCullough. Kevin, welcome to the program. Hey, Eric, good to see you. You're so huge. We're doing this new technological technological thing here. We're just testing it out. You don't mind being the giganto Guinea pig. Do you? No, that's just comes with the territory. Exactly. Exactly. Well, listen, most people listen to this program. I know you as votes are done. But today we're just going to talk to Kevin. So Kevin, I have been talking today with Leon fontaine, who's a pastor in Canada talking about the truckers and the situation going on up there. I want to talk to you about what's going on here in the United States, which is not exactly unrelated to what's going on up there. So what's on your mind? Well, so I think that we saw some progress this week. Let me just turn the clock back a couple of days. You had a series of blue state governors all in a kind of a sequence with each other, do something remarkable. So governor Phil Murphy came out the governor of the state in New Jersey. He said that on March 7th, he's lifting the mask mandates for the schools, staff, students, teachers, everyone involved masks off march 7th, to which most parents said, yay, thank you. It's way too long. Why do we have to wait another month? And then later that day. You idiot. Did they take that out of the memo? I think they did. But then later that day, you had the chief of all devil in gubernatorial offices right now. Governor Gavin Newsom himself come out and say, you know what? We're doing so well in California. We're going to take masks off on the 28th of February. And I've often argued that California should be sought off from the continent and pushed into the ocean left to fend for itself. I actually applaud the governor applied California. This is going to be a great thing. Their kids are going to get to get to go to some back to some sort of normalcy for their

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