Left Wing Professors, Wisconsin Justices Raised Questions About 2020 Election


Meanwhile, you have two left wing professors I mentioned this before, Jonathan turley, Alan Dershowitz, both said there were so many shenanigans in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. And using COVID to change rules altered regulations, quasi legally, if not illegally, and they felt that the lawsuit that Donald Trump filed overturned Pennsylvania should be taken up by the Supreme Court would be taken up by the Supreme Court and that Donald Trump would win it. Well, the Supreme Court did not take it up. But these two professors, both of whom, by the way, voted twice for Obama thought they would. Then this Wisconsin. Donald Trump follow lawsuit overturn Wisconsin. When all the way up to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, they voted four to three not to take it up. But there were three dissenters, including the chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. She talked about the ballot boxes dropboxes all their stuff that they did that she thought was problematic. And she said, we should take it up.

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