Joe Biden: Every Major City Should Follow New York City's Lead


By the way Joe Biden just spoke without a teleprompter in New York City It's gotten bad folks Joe Biden said that Americans every city should try to be like New York City Dude you can't let the guy speak without a teleprompter Come on They should know this by now If you look at the crime stats in New York City have you looked at how bad it is in New York City right now It's not good It's like off the charts The crime so bad he had to go to New York and meet with the mayor about how bad crime actually is He's like man New York's great You guys should all be doing this In New York New York is just fabulous We share I should strive to be more like New York Really New York We want to help every major city unquote follow New York's lead In New York City crime is up 38% Shootings are up 32% Transit crime is up 75% And Graham Larson is up 91% And Joe Biden says we want to help every major city follow New York's lead

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