Sen. Ron Johnson's Mission Has Always Been About Freedom


Listen when I ran in 2010 it was about freedom It's still about freedom It's always been about freedom What made this country great It's individual liberty and freedom It's not big government It's individuals using their liberty to and their freedom to dream and aspire and build and create with this little interference from the federal government as possible You take a look at just about anything federal government touches and they screw it up They exacerbate I don't know how I do know how because liberals have taken over our media big tech but they've been boozled the American public into looking to government to solve their problem Have you noticed they haven't Senator they can't even give stuff away They can't even give stuff away The federal government can't even give away monoclonal antibodies and masks They can't even give away free stuff They can't even get that right I mean it's staggering they're in confidence And Americans understand that And yet so many people vote for people want to grow government It makes no sense And if you want to fear power fear it in a concentrated government That's what our founders recognize I mean the reason these geniuses came up with this system is checks and balances they knew Yeah we need a government but government by and large is something to fear because it grew our freedoms receded and they knew the key was

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