Sen. Cotton: Vladimir Putin's Intention Is Being 'the Next Great Czar'


The killing people they're destroying the infrastructure of Ukraine It's all out war against this country We have NATO countries right on the border Serious Eastern European NATO countries Romania Hungary Poland you've got the Balkan states You've got others And can you imagine Latin repute and he takes over Ukraine here he is sitting on the border and what's he going to do for the next ten years sit there and pick his nose What's he going to do So I think we should add that he also has de facto control of Belarus as well The main effort against Kyiv is coming from Belarus not technically Russian territory but I think now it's fair to say especially over the last year when he helped Alexander Lukashenko to Bela Russian dictator still the election that Belarus is de facto now part of Russia once again And this is part of Vladimir Putin's long-term ambitions Mark As you know this is nothing to do with Ukraine membership in NATO that was not somehow approaching There is no relevant deadline There's no plan even for Ukraine to join NATO It wasn't about military exercises on Ukrainian soil We don't conduct those If you just listen to what Vladimir Putin said Monday night in that speech Well for that matter Mark as I'm sure you did read the essay he published last summer which is entitled on the historic unity of the Russians and the Ukrainians You can see that this is all about reassembling the greater Russian Empire that he has the ambition to become the next great Tsar in the mold of Peter the great or Catherine the Great And he can not in his mind be either Russians are have greater Russia without Belarus and Ukraine

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