A highlight from 626: John Doe Identifies Himself; The Chicago Blackhawks Failure to Protect Kyle Beach


Sports. And whatever and there they go it is the s w p it is a show with episodes each and every weekday. We appreciate you being here. Your stick to it with us that a nice little audience that continues to grow and of course. It's all about ottawa. Sports and whatever. My name is steve worn. I'm joined by my good friend. Jim jerome schmoozing it up as we do. We hope you enjoy the program james. How're things. that's good stevie. Good i've i've got. I've got to be honest about something. You know you when we do the show it. It varies of time we do it but it's it's late morning till early afternoon somewhere in there right and so i'm always kind of organized. Chaos right now. it's actually disorganized chaos i. I can't say that anymore was my nature is disorganized. Exactly yeah the great paradox. anyway. I'm so hooked into dateline the show okay and if you've been sleeping under a rock there's there's been the world's taste for real murder and drama is just increasing at an exponential rate. Right speaking a podcast. There's the most listened to podcasts. I was reading the other day. Are real murder mysteries right and not only not only that true crime. Not only that. They're podcast with with people have had no experience doing anything in broadcasting. Or you know a lot of it is just you know a couple of friends getting together so you know this. I saw a couple of girls who wanted to follow this story in their hometown. Or some other town. Just out of curiosity okay. If this isn't frustrating enough for you or me trying to grow a podcast audience. And they just thought they'd go online and form a facebook group and see what everyone's thoughts are on Xyz murder case and now we have one point two million followers. Yeah yeah what. What's pretty damn insatiable appetite for. It's crazy but i gotta admit. Sometimes i'm no i can't do it right now. Stevie i'm busy because i'm hooked into this dateline so so i'm i'm one of those people i guess i'm one of those people has dateline changed any from the chris hansen days where he's basically trying to effectively entrap all these pedophile and things like that is a difference the same kind of theme or worse. Well it's incredible the stories that that they fought it's it's it's unmatched in terms of investigative reporting it. It's you know they'll say an new dateline coming up. They're great they're one to two hours shows and you'll begin to look at it and realize they've been chasing this down a lot of these murder mystery. Steve's they'll say it happened in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight for example one. I'm watching right. Now is a nineteen eighty five disappearance of disguise wife. And he's the number one suspect what they've been following these stories steve for twenty five years. Yeah and then and then coming up with a two hour special on it's incredible. It's kind of the production of and the the investigation that they do so deep. Take a deep dive into this stuff. So it's really credible really credible but the big problem i have with it is that we watch it with obviously at arm's length right but these are real people real families real victims and you kind of forget that when you're watching about this happened in chicago and here. I am watching in canada somewhere. I don't know these people. I don't know the area talking about so in a way it comes across as fictional hollywood. You kind of keep it at arm's length but then the cbc i believe it was a cbc. They did a thing where the same kind of deal true crime real stories interviews with the people who investigated and they did one on man. I'll be w five or something. Maybe right that was a great. That's great show. It was a young woman. Though that was sixteen years of age who left wendy's and bar haven and disappeared in her body was found. And it's like all the landmarks. I knew i'm sure. I knew people who knew the family and a little bit of me was offended by it to be honest that this was being displayed as an entertainment product. Sort of change my thinking about those types of shows. Yeah yeah. I get what you're saying. Where where i get kinda discussed as that myself going. Okay i'm going to sit down and watch this thing right right knowing knowing it's going to be this nefarious conduct of someone beyond that and it's just a you know a tear. It's going to be a terrible terrible story. You know a terrible result all the time and yet here. I am going racing home got. There's a new dateline. There's a new daytime right right kind of disappointed in myself going. Why would you wanna watch that you know. Why would you wanna watch it. But it's kind of this morbid curiosity all the time. Blandness to our real lives right. You're always you're always looking for adventure. What was that. It was a title to a movie that i thought was kind of apropos to this. The title was the unbearable lightness of being of right. That's kind of how we all operate.

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