A highlight from Don Frye, Sean McCorkle, and Greg Wilson | MMA Roasted #684

MMA Roasted


Hunter. The fuck is that guy? Hey everybody welcome to AMA's de podcast. We're back people. I was on a ship for a week, working. We have so much to catch up on Greg Wilson. It was his 50th birthday. I'm old as fuck, dude. I don't know what happens, man. I don't know how we got here. It seems like just yesterday we were having a wild time in New York City and now we're just I just feel just another old man in LA. I didn't think you'd make it to 20. Nobody did. Listen. The gross food. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got roasted by bunch of friends. It's funny, Justin chaffin was one of the roasters, and of course, he thought you'd be there. So he wrote some jokes about you. Be safe anyway? Absolutely. Oh good. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So he was like, hey, let's just pretend he's here, and he just did the jokes for you and Josh wait, Josh wade was supposed to make it. He couldn't make it, because he's working on a show. But he wrote a joke for him like so, it's like I wrote these jokes for comments that aren't here, which I knew when I put the party on Friday that most of my comedy Friends would be able to make it, you know? I mean, most of them we work on Fridays. So but that was my actual birthday and so I wanted to do it this would happen. So we got to talk about you went to the fights. You went to the big fights. Yes. You saw Kobe versus usman, could we ever talk about that? Because I know, I know and I was like, I know incredible too, man. It's so much fun. And I know it feels like old news, but fuck it, right? Because I want to hear about your experience. Because you don't buy yourself. You're in New York City. You're doing comedy, you're seeing your family, or seeing my family. I was supposed to do some shows earlier in the week, but I ended up getting booked on a TV show, and so I was shooting that till Thursday and then I basically finished shooting and went to the airport and got on a plane and took the red eye out to New York. So on Friday, I just got to see my brothers play. He's opening up he opened a big play at the Soho playhouse, go seems called tammany hall. He plays fiorello, Laguardia, the legend. And then and then on Saturday night I went to the fights and Sunday, we watch football. Let's go down. What TV show did you watch? I mean, okay, it's a new show coming out on CBS called smallwood. It's actually Pete Holmes's new show. Wow. Yeah. Nice. And he didn't even realize they had cash. He was like, I thought that was one of the reasons I got the job. Was he like, oh, Brad, who's McGregor on the show, you know? And he was like, no, I didn't luckily, I knew the director, I've worked with him on other shows for CBS and ABC. And so it was just he just, you know, he's a great guy. We love working with each other. You know, so I slotted right in and spent three days working with Pete. So that was a lot of fun. Now I was in where I was. I was in the Dominican Republic. I was like, actually, just like, I just got off the boat. I was relaxing and I got a text from you saying, could we do a podcast anyway? I got to tell the story about the fight. And I was like, yeah, of course. You can do it on your own, bucket, like you could have done MA roasted. We couldn't figure out like Don couldn't do it and Don. It was a cortical couldn't do it. So it would just be and die. And I was like, yeah, you know, we'll just wait till Adam gets to get the refuse to wear a mask at the airport. So I throw Florida. Yeah. Fuck it. I'm not going. But I think fry just just came on. Yes. The legend. And then mccorkle were yeah, but yes. There's a problem partner. I'm going to another meeting in 15 minutes. I forgot about to jump off about half an hour and then I come back. Is that okay? Yeah, half the time you jump off anyway because your connection. So but Greg, what was the story about the fights? Oh, well, it wasn't a story. I just wanted to talk about it. I'm just like, went to him and they were fucking incredible. And I just, you know, at all, I'm like, I wanted to talk to you because I was there alive. I went to Madison Square Garden to watch these fights and it was an incredible night of fights and I just was having to buy I just wanted to talk about it. Although I will say someone did seriously,

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