A highlight from Pumpkin Spice


And of course. Part of halloween in the united states. Is we go knocking on people's doors saying trick or treat and we get candy now. I'm just thinking here. This must be a nightmare for kids. Who have food allergies in terms of. You can't just go get food from people. What exactly are you doing to help. Make sure that kids who have food allergies can have a great halloween. There's a national program called the te'o pumpkin project and it raises awareness about food allergies if you paint a pumpkin. -til the color teal. Which is the color for food allergy awareness and put that pumpkin outside your door. That means that you have nonfood items available for people who need them. Not just food allergy kids kids who might have diabetes or other conditions and so you can have treats in your house glow bracelets or bubbles or pencil. Stickers puzzles things like that for kids as an option. You can still have regular candy for those who want that. But it's nice to have an option that is safe for those with food allergies.

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