'Mr. Reagan' Creator Chris Kohls Describes the Pop Culture Success of 'Let's Go Brandon'


Welcome back to one on one with mister Reagan. Let's turn Chris to because I want to get the sense from you a world that I don't understand. Let's talk a little bit about media. You have to be cautious. That's why you've created this alter egos and these fantasy stories you tell about certain elections on your YouTube channel. How are you doing, by the way? Are you being throttled are you being demonetized? How are the the Palo Alto big tech overlords treating mister Reagan? I do think some of some of the restrictions have been lifted recently, and I'm not really sure why. But I had this video about let's go brand and you know the let's go Brandon phenomenon. I decided to recap that because it was something that I started to see on Twitter and I follow this stuff kind of closely, so I kind of understood what it was pretty quickly. But I realized most Americans did not understand what let's go Brandon was. They didn't understand where it came from. They didn't understand all the phenomena that went along with it. And I said, okay, let me just do a comprehensive video about the let's go Brandon movement. And I did this video and it's up to, I think, almost 400,000 views now. So we're doing pretty good. Yeah, that one just really blew up. That was I think a lot of people were curious. Like, I don't understand this. Let's go Brandon thing. So my video, I think is the number one, let's go brand and video on YouTube. That's not like a music video. You know, there's all these songs that have come out. And then I was able to interview this guy, loser, Alexander, who you should have on your show by the way. Great guys. Yes, yes, yes, yes. His song went number one on iTunes, right? He had the song the hook is, you know what they say in hoe. That's the hook of the song. It's a great song. It's like it's very catchy. Most of America just fell in love with this song, and then Bryson gray came out with a song that got actually banned on YouTube because he mentioned COVID pandemic stuff. And so his song then went number one. We've had some on this show. He's great. He's great. He's a great guy. He's a great, but I think part of the success of his version was people thinking they were buying lows version and they bought his version instead. And so his so Lowe's is a little bit irritated. He's like, what is going on? I mean, they're both good songs. They're both good songs, or like I can say anything bad about either of them, but so I got loser on the show and because he's out here in LA. And he's a really good guy. You know, he's a strong Christian. He's a good guy. And strong conservative Trump supporter and just really cool song and a lot of fun. Anyway, so some of my videos have been doing pretty well. Others struggle a little bit, but then, you know, they're not all

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