A highlight from Smooth Jazz Weekend with Tina E. (My Heart Is Yours)


Thanks to all the listeners you make this show happen thanks to all the artists for making such great music and remember we're also on demand 24 7 all over the world. Listen whenever you want to. What can I say? Pleasing to the ear and sexual. That's what I can say about this show. We got blast from the past, sure to conjure up memories of good times and good vibes. Certainly the soundtrack to your weekend, helping us get started. We have Kim Scott featuring out the Rene and Reagan Whiteside, with the new single, I'm every woman followed by just a little shoals with a steamy Wanda cover, do I do, so let's get busy. You want the street? Yes, we are safe. Yes, we said she was right here all the way on. Let's dance. Doc Powell, covering Beyoncé with love on top. I had to get up and bust a move on that one. Let me catch my breath. This is much as weekend. We'll be right back. In your face all over the place. We're online. 24 7 24 7. You're listening to the hottest Internet station. Listeners, we would like to send out a sincere thanks to all who support and listen to the smooth jazz weekend. You have been a big part of our growth. For that, we say, without you, there would be no us. Keep listening, tell your family and friends to come grow with the power of us. Again, thank you from the family at the smooth, jazz weekend.

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