Why Dr. Anthony Fauci Should Step Aside


One. Kimberly johnson who i've never heard of. But she has got seventy seven thousand followers. She is apparently the host of the start. Me up paycock podcast and the sexy liberal podcast network So i i find that amusing. She writes it's time for the washington post to stop allowing traders like hewitt spread propaganda and misinformation packaged as conservative opinion. She's reacting to my column in the washington post which went up on the landing page yesterday after the show. Is it time for dr patchy to step aside. This has touched nerves on the far left. I don't know why. But i have a theory. My theory is pretty simple. Dr chee is not a public health official in there is he is a brave hero against donald trump now dot not dr vouch e throughout the first year of covet. Dr chee was part of the covet response team. I know there's very well. 'cause i know a lot of people on the code response team very very well including ambassador. O'brien alex as our in peter. Navarro and many many people very well on that team and doctor thought was a respected and productive member of the team doctor. Fawzi opposed the travel ban from china. Dr she wanted to tell the noble lie. That mask were not helpful because doctor was afraid. That masks would vanish from the ers and hospitals. Where they were necessary. It's actually the opposite of what. Americans did touching mrs hewitt for example. Took every mask. We have in the house as a matter of routine preparedness in california and drove them to the local hospital where they were ninety five match. Because that's what americans do. And so dr has consistently underestimated what americans doing gets it wrong. And while he does not run the cdc or fdi pointed out. He's become the face of pandemic response in the united states. and before as even when maybe. i'm not sure. We can gather by christmas which he walked back on monday

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