A highlight from #244: That TITO Ticket Is Not Yours


Hi, everybody. Welcome to you can bet on that a podcast for the recreational gambling. My name is Mark of all and sitting across from me as doctor Mike. Hello, Mike, our sports bets have just been so terrible lately. About a week and a half ago, we had a fantastic Saturday and we're all jumping around like we can quit our jobs, we'll just be sports betters. And it has been terrible since. Oh my gosh, yesterday, your college games were bad. My pro picks were terrible. I lost some big money on favorites and NHL's just been terrible. Yeah. Well, it was weird. There were not so many upsets in college football yesterday. There were a few. Big ones. But there were more games where like a team's favored by 28, like Alabama, and they, you know, they end up winning by 7 or something. They couldn't. I mean, they were threat of losing that game early. There were several games like that where teams just didn't play. And they understand it. You bet on a couple of underdogs. There was one game where you had like 40 points. It was like, plus the one I won. 'cause they scored 6, so they had 46. And the opposing it was they scored 43. So we won that game. Yeah. Well, whatever. We don't spend very much money on sports betting. We kind of sit back and just whatever. Yeah. It's more fun than anything else. And, you know, college basketball starts this week. Right. I'm right. The Aztecs have a game Tuesday I saw. I stopped betting it last year because it was just seemed like it was too hard. I don't know if it was COVID related or team's not playing in their home, courts, or whatever. Right. I decided what I'm going to do this year. Mike is just bet less. I'm gonna still bet on college basketball. I'm just gonna bet significantly lab. I'm not gonna bet as much as we do on pro. Oh, yeah, okay. All right, so that's how it's gonna go. That's fine with me. Okay, good. Honestly, it's just, you know, if there's even one game that we're watching that, you know, we have a few bucks on it, then it's kind of fun. Yeah. So, you know, come on, come on, you know, that kind of thing. Yeah. So just to remind everybody, doctor Mike picks all the football, pro and college. And then I do everything else. Now last year I did really well. Yeah, you did, yeah. And this year, I'm sure I'm below 500. Oh, it's gotta be yeah. I'll figure it out after the show. Okay, send you an amount. Spreadsheet. Can you send me of course? I love those. I can send you that doctor Mike. Thank you for asking. Wow, I'm excited now. You had something to do today. Well, we got an email from listener Doug. He said, here is a little system I started this year, and for me, it's working out really well. I go to the casino weekly and take $1000 to gamble with, strictly craps. I also get about a $150 in free play each week. Before I hit the casino, I leave $150 at home and take $850 to the casino plus the $150 free play. So I still have a $1000 to gamble with. Okay, pretty straightforward there. Okay. I take the $150 I held back and put it into a special savings account. I set up at the local bank. I do this adjustment every week so that in the past ten months I have built up a pretty nice balance in the savings account. It is equal to about 40% of my casino losses. So in effect, I converted the free play into a loss rebate. Now, you know, whether you actually look at the numbers, is it really a lost rebate? Well, it doesn't matter, 'cause that's the way that he's thinking of it. Right, right? And I think that's a great way to do it, psychologically, you know, for those of us who maybe need to fool ourselves in a way, right? Is to, you know, where the money is going, because you feel like you played with a $1000, but in your mind you're thinking, yeah, but it only costs me 850. Right, yeah. It's kind of like rat holing chips. Right? It's like, oh, okay, you know, now I've seen in my rack, I've got $350. Well, what you're forgetting is that you put $200 in your pocket, right? And that's kind of a psychological thing. I'm not going to touch that. Until you leave that table losing and you go to another table and pull that money out of your pocket and play there and lose that. Sure. Yeah. It's all psychological. Yeah. We know how the story ends. Yeah. Right exactly. I like it. I mean, it's good for him. But it's doing well at that. However, for us, see, we'd have to take a 150 out for gas to get to the casino. Yeah, that's true. That's our problem. Put it into a special account that is only used to pay off. Yeah. The gas card, yeah. Right. Got another email from listener Mike. He says I was at Seneca in Niagara over the weekend. And I heard a couple of terms I'm unfamiliar with while at the craps table. First, there was a player who had bought the ten, collecting or pressing at times. However, at one point, a ten year old and he said to flip it, I wasn't paying enough attention to his bed to recall exactly what the first amount was. The dealer grabbed some green chips, placed them on top of his bet and the buy button,

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