Two White Arkansas News Anchors Suspended for Wearing Afro Wigs on Air


Tv news anchors suspended for wearing afro wigs on air and listen to this to celebrate temperatures dipping into the seventies after a week. Long arkansas's k. a. tv news anchor. Chris may and meteorologist berry brand wore big like afro style. Wakes they were celebrating the seventies. Well the little rock station quickly suspended. The two anchors and fired their boss after the broadcasters wore these hairpieces during evening weather report during the segment which was dubbed returned to the seventies get it seventies afros. Leisure suits big curly hair. They put these wigs on the news anchor even posted a picture of him on twitter channel. Seven's got the little channel seven logo right there on his lapel pin with his big curly wig. If you buy a computer right now or your by your smartphone. Go to mike on. Tv at mike online dot com. You'll see the picture of k. A. tv anchor chris. May i don't know if that's the anchorman. Or the meteorologist berry brent. Both of them suspended indefinitely. The news anchor. I mean the news director fired. Because african american activist doctor a nica whitfield heard about the stunt the return to the seventy s and fired off a complaint to w atv

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