DOJ's School Board Violence Memo Targets Concerned Parents


While we were doing our speech at the university of michigan some news broke. And as i got off the stage producer. Connor says charro. You won't believe what. Merrick garland the attorney. General of the united states has now decreed or announced. I said well. I usually am not surprised to shocked. But what is it. The justice department last evening has now announced that they are going to use government power to go after parents that are challenging their school boards. Now remember this. All started because this whole narrative all started because the national school board association viola garcia specifically called on the biden regime to start labeling parents speaking out of school board meetings as domestic terrorist. He said that on cnn. I'm gonna play that tape and just a little bit. So the justice department pressured by the national school board association of america responds by saying miss citing an increase in harassment. Intimidation and threats. Okay let's go through those three different things intimidation. Let's start with harassment. What is the definition of harassment. Exactly asking questions showing up the school board meetings writing comments someone's facebook feed number two intimidation what is intimidation. Exactly where in the united states. Federal criminal code is illegal to harass and intimidate somebody under their definition there is their definition of harassment intimidation showing up and actually showing the curriculum that the school boards have been passing the graphic pornographic material that has been implemented for example. Let's play cut thirty two. We have cut thirty to cut thirty. Two stacey langston. This is just one example. We have played dozens and dozens and dozens of these examples over the last couple months. I myself have showed up at school. Board meetings am i guilty of intimidation harassment for speaking and challenging power. Uncut cut thirty two. I want you to listen to this. Is this now. The fbi is new definition of domestic terrorism. Like thirty two. Both books describe different ax. One book describes a fourth grade boy performing oral sex on an adult male. The other book has detailed illustrations of a man having sex with a boy the illustrations include fillet. ceo sex toys masturbation and violent nudity. Now that's stacey langton who says basically in the curriculum is for the graphic material. But i shouldn't apologize because i didn't say it. That's what's in your children's textbooks. I don't. I don't have to apologize for that. Some people send us emails. Charlie why are you planning these tapes so terrible. it's what children are learning exposing. Something actually can have a moral good which it has here so stacey langston is she intimidating harassing her school board. The justice department continues by saying and threats of violence against school board members. Hold on is that what local police for

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