Loudoun County Father Arrested at School Board Meeting After Daughter Allegedly Raped in School Bathroom


For years, we have been warning about how the trans lobby is going to be endangering young women because they're going to allow young men that have mental problems who think they are women. Allowed into locker rooms. And we have been pushing back against this. Rather, I don't want to say unsuccessfully. There's been some wins and some losses, but the ACLU and all these major organizations, they are pathologically focused on trying to destroy regular gender norms and reinforce gender dysphoria. Now gender dysphoria used to be something that was talked about and was accepted as a real thing, and now we have decided to reorganize society completely and to play into a very serious mental condition that people should get treatment for. They should get counseling for. And so, in loudon county, you might remember this father that went to the school Scott Smith, who was arrested for disorderly conduct for trying to speak out at the school board meeting and then the national school board association calls him a domestic terrorist now why was he there? I want every father listening to this to know this story. Well, he was there because on May 28th, a boy who pretends to be a girl allegedly wearing a skirt, entered a girl's bathroom nearby stone bridge high school and sexually assaulted his 9 9th grade daughter. This is according to daily wire and Washington examiner. The family's attorney said, quote, a boy was charged with two counts of forcible sodomy. And one count and this is very graphic. So if you want to just talk about poppies and rainbows, go find another network. One count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio, related to an incident that day at the school. The sheriff's office confirmed, via a public records request that this was a real charge, mapping, matching the date and location of smith's rape. His 9th grade daughter gets raped in a bathroom by a man wearing a skirt, who thinks he's a woman. Spare me the we need more Caitlyn jenners in the Republican

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