What Would the Playback Be for Eliminating Large Portions of the Population?


To eliminate a large portion of the population? What's so incredible to me is how close we are in historical terms, meaning not so far away from the intentional attempt to eliminate entire races of people. This is not just done by the national socialist Workers Party in the 1930s and 1940s in Germany, despicably and evil. But it's also attempt to be done by Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin. If the 20th century told us anything, it told us a couple things as Alexander social needs and famously wrote in the gulag archipelago. He said that all of this was thanks to ideology. Now, Alexander social needs an reflected in the gulag archipelago, which I encourage you to read. He went into a deep reflection saying, what did I personally do that might have contributed to this great evil? It's very profound. And actually, that book was largely responsible for the downfall of the Soviet Union. There's another great book by Victor frankel, which is called man's search for meaning by writing that book he ended up starting a whole new psychological kind of school of thoughts called logo therapy. The will to meaning. Usually you have the will to power the will to pleasure. He says that we as humans have a moral obligation to have a will to meaning. Viktor frankl famously said in man's search for meaning there are only two types of people, the decent. And the indecent. We are so close to the committed and attempted elimination of entire groups of people. Why is it that anytime anyone says that the government might be trying to do that again, they're called a conspiracy theorist and you're not even allowed to talk about it. It's a very

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