FBI Agents Swarm Russian Oligarch's DC Home


So the guy whose house they swarmed the yesterday in Washington D.C. the FBI this guy Oleg deripaska was connected to Vladimir Putin but he also had business relationships with Christopher Steele who was one of the authors of the dossier used to spy on Donald Trump by the FBI That was the whole collusion dossier You know the pee pee tape He's colluding with Putin You got the whole thing So some people say Dan this great news deripaska means a closed in on stealing a network I'm not sure about that But here before we get to so we have two options here Either they're closing in on steels and network or more likely they're hiding George Soros's role and others in the 2016 election manipulation That's what I think But going back to reason number one here's steals connections some of them this guy Derek Oscar they serve the warrant on his house yesterday In 2015 DOJ officials notably Brussels and some FBI agents met in New York with deripaska to seek the Russian billionaires help on organized crime investigations The meeting was facilitated though not attended by Christopher Steele Chris the first Theo area is here it gets worse In 2012 yields private firm orbis was hired as a subcontractor by a law firm working for you guessed it their apostle Who then headed Russia's largest aluminum company Steals firm was asked to do some research on a business rival By 2015 steals work had left him friendly with one of their apostles lawyers according to John Solomon's sources this is from a 2018 piece And when or the associate Deputy Attorney General longtime acquaintance of steel sought help getting to meet their pasca who obliged but Christopher

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