Comparing the Chinese and U.S. Hypersonic Weapons


China's new weapon is only one of a series of hypersonic weapons being developed by Beijing Russia and the U.S. the U.S. and Russia have also spent decades working on their own hypersonic nuclear capable systems And the two countries have conducted tests on the weapons in recent months Here's the difference the Chinese have stolen our technology and improved it While we sit on our hands Washington and Moscow have only made public details of their medium range hypersonic weapons that are designed to be launched from ships or planes and do not strike from space But China's testing now of a 25,000 mph hypersonic missile which flew through space before launching an attack on its target took analysts by surprise indicated Beijing's missile program is more advanced than previously thought That was the extent of the details as they're known right now Now our missile called the arrow Can reach a speed of 15,345 mph The what they call the fractional orbit bombardment system or the Chinese new missile that they fired the top speed is not 25,000 mph Excuse me It's 21,000 mph The range is unlimited The range of our missile is believed to be about a thousand miles but it's not certain launch from a B one B bomber The Chinese can launch their missile from any land base

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