A highlight from The Stuttering John Podcast, November 23rd, 2021-Claude Taylor, Mark Judson


Stuttering John. Or a YouTube member. We had a great show with suk castello and I spoke to a comic today, a very funny one, and a very famous one, and he's gonna be coming on beer on the balcony soon. Sometime next week. But I am going to do one this week and I have my feelers out for that guest as well. Benny loco, my moderator is here, Robin Boyd. Lonesome Lenny. Jill Carter with the bad Nicki B my moderator. Roberta night with the badge cat. My mom is here. Martha Salinas, Amy Hurst, shorty, one. What's up, my brother. Sherry P, Kevin Emmett, Dennis Higgins, from Facebook. Cheryl door bar. I haven't seen you in a while, sure. Angry and macready from Facebook and also from Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada. Janet de hardens also from Canada. Got a lot of Canadians on here as they watch American politics can go holy crap. I'm glad we're here. Stage dog is here. Williams of all, how are you, William? Can I from Facebook? Nick from Canada. Melissa Feldman, Liz Gallo, Geronimo. DI 42. Kinky streets. What's up my brother? I'll take you up on your offer to come with me to D.C.. King cap with the badge. John from Las Vegas Happy Thanksgiving did John on all you fellow stuttering John fans. Happy Thanksgiving to you, John. Ziggy is here? It'll jump at some point. So Jasmine maniac. It always does. Lori colston. The first super chat. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Thanks for the 5 bucks, Laura and Happy Thanksgiving to all. I won't be doing a show on Thanksgiving, but I think we could all understand. It's Thanksgiving. Liz Gallo is here from Facebook. I mean, hell, even target is closing the door. Shalom shalom, let's go Brandon. We're going to talk all about Brandon. Jody Nelson, Robertson. Is here. G Clayton Allen from Facebook. A lot of people from Facebook. We see a Marie. Anita Blake, Robert Brazil, Benny Lopez. Thank you for the super chat 5 bucks. Happy gibbous and taters and stuffing and stuff awesome. You know, it's funny 'cause I'm going out with my daughter and my youngest son and my youngest son hates Turkey. And my daughter We're going out for Italian. Deborah Hennessy from Ontario and from Facebook. Then we're going to go home and I'm probably either going to play them, Jerry Maguire because I just played them almost famous. They loved it. Terry fry. Either Jerry Maguire or the Nicole Kidman movie the others, which is creepy as hell. So I'll make that decision. I might even put it on them. Do you want an academy? Award winner or do you want a scary one? Mark Hurley JM vandy with the badge, Debbie garrettson. Hate to forget people who get here first Dirk dick law with the $5 super chat. Thank you very much. Member forever. You never got your other foot in the Randy Rhodes chat room. I love Randy. I love both Randy rhoads. She named herself after the late great guitar player ferrazzi Randy rhoads, blizzard of Oz, Kate task 9. I had the luxury of seeing blizzard of Oz with Randy rhoads at the Nassau Coliseum when Ozzy played and it was kind of it was kind of weird. A very young Def Leppard was the first opener, and then the Joe Perry project when Joe and Steven Tyler split. Foz buzz, fuzz, buzz. And then Ozzy. We'll see if I'm okay. I think I got it almost everybody I could. We have a great show, Claude tail is gonna be on. I'm looking forward to this. Claude is the man responsible for those billboards that call out Donald Trump on a daily basis and the rest of the GQ P and I love having them on because he's doing the logs work out there. He also is the one who has the big rat that shows up like tomorrow Lago and it's like, you know, it floats, so he floats it by Donald Trump. I love it. So we're going to have Claude on. He finally said, I just don't come on. It gives me it gives me a reason to shave.

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