It's What You DON'T Do That Will Keep You Happy


Just indulging whenever you want, doesn't keep you happy. And the message that we should be giving college freshman at the university of Arizona is not that your parents are the worst people ever and that what you were taught was a lie. Instead it should be this. It's what you don't do at the university of Arizona that will keep you happy. That's what kids do to hear. It's the parties you don't go to. It's the drugs you don't try. It's the drinks you don't, you don't have. It's the relationships you don't engage with. It's being able to say no and have self control. That's actually going to keep you free. Not the other one. It's the other way around, right? It's that no freedom is indulging. Freedom is being young only once or whatever Yolo, you only live once. Then, maybe when you're young, you can get away with it. Maybe you get it out of your system. Don't recommend it, but whatever. But you start to realize that I need to do more the next time to try to make it feel as exciting. It was the last time. It's like all of a sudden the guardrails start. Yeah, it's like the window starts to change. It's like, I have to do myself a little bit. And this is one of the things I could get a little bit into dating and all that stuff. We've always gets people's attention. I won't say this to young women, but young women will appreciate what I'm saying. I'll talk to young men. So I always say this and all the young ladies always applaud when I say this. I say young men, you gotta get your act together. You gotta get your act together, and all the young ladies are like, oh yes, absolutely. So a lot of young men are directionless. It's like prolonged adolescence, right? It's mature infants, right? And so but it's not all young men's fault, by the way, because they live in a society that coddles them that tantalizes them and emasculates them, right? But you want to know a characteristic that young women want to find in men, it's a young man that can control himself. It's a young man that can go 90 days without drinking. It's a young man that can say no to all the other pressures. Because if someone's like, wow, if he's able to say, no to somebody else will make good decisions and he'll be able to protect me. Like, that's a really cool

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