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Welcome to I said no gifts and bridger. Weiner. Here we are. It's you, it's me. We're dancing. We're having a wonderful time. You're listening. I'm speaking. And we're going to bring in our guest almost immediately. We've got to get to the guest. You're dying to hear the guest. I'm dying to speak to the guest. We're all going to have a fantastic time. It's John gabris. Welcome to I said, no gifts. Hey, thank you for having me on I said no gifts. This is thrilling. John, we don't know each other, but I know you go by gabrus largely. And I feel deeply uncomfortable calling you John. Oh, whatever you call me is kosher. John or Gabriel, I'll answer to both, I would say if I were introducing myself to you, I'd be like, hi, John Gabriel, but everybody calls me gabris. Right. And you may do the same. Yeah, I just feel like we share enough mutual people in our lives that I never hear of you refer to as John. And if you were like, I had John on my podcast, people would be like, you gotta get mulaney. Then set up for a letdown when you're like, no, gave it. Absolutely. Absolutely not. But yeah, I think just for the rest of this recording, well, who knows what'll happen? I may just go back and forth. I'm gonna refer to you, however I want. Please, and I will answer. It is just the two of us, so I'll assume if you're addressing anyone, it would be me. You might not even ever need to use my name again. If there's another name comes up, maybe some things there's someone behind you. All right, fair enough. If there is someone behind me, please let me know. It's like a horrifying zoom movie. Oh, I would love it. Halloween is just happened. Did you do anything for Halloween? I hosted some friends at my house for a little Halloween soiree. It was a delight, you know, it was just like ten 40 plus year olds having a vegan stew that my wife made for dinner and you know, just getting wasted and talking about hardly anything Halloween related happened except for scary movies and candy. There was a we had to dress everyone had to dress up according to my wife and all the women were just variations on a witch or a goth woman. And all the men were actually, we had two of the guys where barb and star, which was pretty tight. And I had like a real low rent last minute costume because my wife sprung the hole. No, you have to wear a costume at the last minute. I was like, for a dinner party, that's different. So I went as sexy Michael Myers, which was just a coveralls unzipped, no mask. Just happened to own coveralls and never getting rid of them for that reason alone. I like that when Michael Myers is feeling sexy he takes the mask off. He takes off the real iconic part of his well, he's feeling himself. He doesn't need to hide himself. He's like, this is what my face looks like. I'm just a normal psychiatric patient. That's the pure embodiment of evil. That's all. I feel like the mask is the last thing that comes off of Michael Myers when he's feeling sexy. What scary movies did you watch? We watched exorcist, poltergeist and rosemary's baby, but they were just sort of playing. Everyone down for 9 hours. Gave them black bean stew and then spent 9 hours farting watching horror movies. Okay, so was the volume even on? We had the volume on and then we transitioned to spooky music and just some visuals. My wife and I have been watching as we call it a spooky movie every night for like since October 1st or whatever. So I did not care. I did not we already had them all saved on the fucking Apple TV. So we're just like, well, let's run them through. Shutter has a cool shutter as channels, the horror movie app and they have channels that'll just play movies back to back. So we had that on for a little bit. It was a good time. How many channels the shutter have? They just have two and one is called slash X and one is called it came from shutter, and it's just like arbitrary delineate. One of them was playing the Halloween movies as many as they had the rights to back to back to back on Halloween, which was kind of thrilling. Oh, that's fantastic. I was picturing kind of like an NBC style app where you've got like a sports channel. You've got everything. Now you've got like a great selection of movies and then just two no pausing, no rewinding, just two channels running, that are just playing. So if you just want to because I missed that feeling, I mean, as I've mentioned earlier, I'm 40 39 to be honest. 40 by the time this comes down to 39. Please, it's the last couple of months. I'm a 39 year old, so I miss clicking through and catching a movie or being like, oh, this is on. I would never have picked this on demand. But I want to watch it from the middle on or like, oh, this is my favorite part of Goodfellas. And I want to leave it on. So that is kind of thrilling to me. I think every app should have a channel that just plays their shit in random rotation. The luxury of just dropping in halfway through moving, not having to make any decision and just figuring it out. Oh, it's just so cute. That you know your life is pretty privileged when you're like, thank God, I don't have to choose a movie. The biggest stress in my day. I'm speaking for myself, not you. I would not assume. Please do. Please speak from a throne. Did you watch anything particularly scary? Do scary movies actually scare you? Not really anymore, but I do really love and I try to let myself get scared by them. So I get very high and kind of like allow myself to get caught up in the moment. You know, a couple that I saw that kind of affected me. I saw a possessor uncut directed by something cronenberg, David cronenberg's son. And it was a really fucked up. It wasn't fully scary, but I was unsettled after I finished it. Because we went away for our ten year anniversary to an air-b-n-b. And that changes the entire vibe if you watch a scary movie, not in your own house. It adds a whole layer of like new sounds, new creeks. Oh my God, the air conditioner came on. That's louder than I expected. And that was really fun, that was part of the fun of watching possessor there. I was kind of fucking unsettled sleeping in a random bed that night. What is the general plot of possessor? It is sort of in the near distant future there is a way in which you could take over someone's psyche, like possess them via surgical means. And control them and a company is using it for assassinations, where they like, take over bridger, invites gave us on his podcast, bridger shoots gabrus, bridger shoots himself, cut to Joe Rogan waking up in the past. I'm trying to think who would be rivaled by our podcast notoriety and I guess Rogan is the first one that comes to mind. Oh, bro. Broken rogue and broken. I do feel like I can see that chain of events leading to Rogan. All kind of adds up for me. Are you a scary movie person? I like scary movies. Almost none of them scare me at this point. I feel like I'm my nerves are fried. One movie that I at least remember scaring me was the strangers. Oh, that one fucked me up too, and that came out long enough ago that I was like younger and that now we've had so many home invasion harbors, but that one fucking hit. Those burlap sack masks. I've only watched it once and it was like the month it came out.

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