Suspect in custody after Michigan high school shooting


Breaking news this afternoon there has been another school shooting this time in Michigan not far from Detroit Investigators say a 15 year old sophomore opened fire at his high school killing three students wounding 6 others including a wounding 6 other people I should clarify including a teacher Oakland county under sheriff Mike mccabe says he doesn't know what the shooter's motives were for the attack at Oxford high school in Oxford township First of all came in at 1251 within 5 minutes he was in custody by our deputies Mccabe says the student had a semi automatic handgun on him when he was taken into custody When we get more information we'll pass it along here on wtp and at WT dot com Four 32 let's talk more of now about the omicron variant White House COVID advisers say they are prepared to work with vaccine makers to launch new shots into production if necessary to take on the new variant While it could take weeks for scientists to determine whether the omicron variant can defeat the existing vaccines doctor Anthony Fauci explained on a call with reporters why he believes the current booster shots will help We know that when you boost somebody you elevate your level of protection very high and we are hoping and I think with good reason to feel good that there will be some degree

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