Kyle Rittenhouse Is Exactly the Kind of Enemy the Left Wants to Create


If you show up to a rally or you show up to a city burning while the National Guard is not there and the police have been told to stand down and you defend yourself because someone's trying to kill you and that someone trying to kill you is a child rapist? You're gonna get tried for first degree murder in your family has to go into debt to try to defend you, which we're seeing right now with Kyle rittenhouse. And by the way, if this was 1892, and it was the KKK trying to take over a city, and it was a black 17 year old that took a gun to go to the burning city. We would have like a national holiday to that young man. Seriously. Not saying that's what we need for Kyle, not saying we'd like a national holiday, but I'm saying that it would be everyone would say this is the most amazing heroic thing I've ever seen. But instead, let's just be let's just be as blunt and honest about it. Kyle rittenhouse tracks a box of the type of let's say enemy they want to create. And we saw this earlier with what happened with the Nicolas Sandman case. You guys remember that the Covington kids? Remember the Covington kids? Where Nicholas Sandman on the steps of the capitol with that lunatic came up with the drum and started banging it in his head, and his head was his face, and we were told that the young kid was the one that's provoking and saying racist things, total lie. Totally exonerated one his lawsuits. But no, the thing that Kyle rittenhouse did wrong is that he fit the perfect type of archetype where Joe Biden came out and said that Kyle rittenhouse is a white supremacist. Said that on Twitter, hope he gets sued for that one day in civil court. There is no evidence of that. But instead, here is the essence of it is that there was a picture, the same thing that happened on the southern border when you had border patrol agents on horseback, and they said, oh, they're using whips to go after migrants, total lie, it's called a bridle or saddle. You ever ride a horse before New York Times weirdo, right? And of course not. Never even west of the Mississippi River, let alone ever mounted a horse, right? No, it's a whip. No, but all they have is the narrative. So Kyle rittenhouse, they had the picture they wanted. AR-15, mouth wide open, young, white, Trump loving, a green shirt and hat backwards, looking like he's kind of playing the insurrectionist. Boom. Put him in

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