Senator Rand Paul Talks Natural Immunity and Vaccine Freedom


All right I want to welcome back to the show a great friend to the liberty and freedom movement senator Rand Paul senator thanks for joining us We appreciate it Thank you Dan Great to be with you So senator you whenever there's an issue that involves bodily sovereignty individual liberty and freedom I always see you come up in the debate You've always been out there in front of these fights and this vaccine mandate seems to be the tip of the spear of all of this senator I mean if we give up sovereignty to our own of our own bodies and what is permitted to be injected into it I mean isn't all lost at that point He's really matter what we pay in taxes If we don't even have custody over our own bodies and we're all awards of the state yeah you wonder what the definition of freedom is if we don't believe that we make our own medical decisions What could be more personal and private than your medical decisions And really it's all based on fallacy as well You got these people over on CNN No I don't want to sit next to somebody who doesn't have a vaccine Well even the science doesn't hold up for that I haven't had the vaccine but I've had COVID and actually the large Israeli study of two and a half million people says you're safe for sitting next to me than you are sitting next to someone who's been vaccinated because frankly natural immunity Trump's vaccine immunity I'm not saying you shouldn't get vaccinated I'm just saying that the natural immunity gets as good or better And so they're freaking out and basing policy ignoring natural immunity but basically ignoring the science

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