Biden Doubles Down on Bold-Faced Lie About His $3.5 Trillion Bill Costing 'Zero'


Showing Here is Biden just openly lying to you again like the media is lying to you about there's a vaccine mandated Fox even though they know it's not true Here's Biden saying a $3.5 trillion bill is not only now he's doubling down on the likes he has no respect for you Not only is he saying it's going to cost you nothing Now he's saying this is great Not only is it going to cost you it's going to be a tax cut You're going to make money off this Here check this out Cost of the build back better Bill in terms of adding to the deficit is zero Zero Zero Because we're going to pay for it all In addition to that half of it is a tax cut Okay go eat something I don't have a cut coming for a while I want surprise you I promise When I see your head yeah you got some You got some time here Whatever you eat there go grab some Looks good Is it what a burger That's all I want to know It's not chicken fried steak when you are a Texan now Your New York bona fides are done Don't even go back to New York They won't even let you back in It's a good thing consider that a badge of honor So there he is Biden openly lying to again and as I said in the opening segment of the show you don't lie like this to people if you respect them If you care about them you only lie to people like that when you have a hatred in your heart for them You have zero respect for them right Now Biden knows full well that the $3.5 trillion percuss bankruptcy Bill which will bankrupt a bankrupt us and cause inflation like you've never seen before in your lifetime It'll cause a flood of 3.5 trillion brand new printed dollars in digital dollars to chase goods that don't exist I'm just asking you liberals out there even though your skulls are quite thick For a second to just digest something kind of in a common sense nugget If you're already acknowledging we don't have stuff It's locked up in ports because Biden couldn't figure out how to get people to work and truckers the truck and longshoreman to do it because he's anti supply side and supply side services If we don't have a lot of stuff now and there's shortages Do you think printing 3.5 trillion more dollars to chase stuff that doesn't exist What do you think that's going to do

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