A highlight from YOUR FIRST 90 DAYS AS A NEW (Or Returning) REAL ESTATE AGENT - Part 3


It's for every real estate agent who knows who's smart enough, frankly, to use this time of year as an opportunity to allow themselves to update their operating system. And that's something that all of us must be doing as we discussed yesterday because the rate of change and I'm sure all of you guys are experiencing it, the rate of change, what we're going to be experiencing over probably unfortunately, it could be as long as the next ten years is going to be extraordinary. If you don't believe me, look at all the changes that have just happened in the last two years. It's amazing. Look at the price of food, the price of gas is anyone saying that inflation is transitory anymore? No, what we're experiencing is a new reset of pricing. Your new houses that you're selling now for the prices that you can barely believe a year from now, they're going to seem like they're on sale. That's what's going on. And this has happened before in history we've talked about this in the podcast, and we're not going to be talking about inflation. But what we are trying to impress upon you is you better be using this time of year to allow yourself to have an open mind to how you can be improving your frankly, your business and your personal life. And as a real estate professional, they're sort of intertwined, whether you want them to be or not. That's for sure. As hard as you try for them not to be, they definitely are. They are. It's called the antivirus software that's always going on in your head. So what we're going to be talking about today are the ten must follow a rules as you're deciding which software to upload. That's right. And so for some of you that maybe you're not a super new agent, you can have a hard reset and bring yourself back to that mindset that you had when you were a new agent and you were super excited and everything was fresh and brand new.

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