Biden Admin Wants to Add Political Directives to Your Retirement Savings


And looking at this Department of Labor proposes roll to add political directives to retirement say to this Fox News this is how they destroy us And destroy you and everything of value They use the power of every federal office division unit administration department every corner of the vast bureaucracy Not just to push their agenda but to impose their agenda they use our tax dollars they use the law they use the regulatory power they abuse it again To impose their will on us While Democrats in Congress negotiate over trillions of dollars in new spending this is actually The Wall Street Journal the Biden administration is quietly advancing its agenda through regulation Witness a little notice proposed rule last week by the Labor Department that will add new political directives to your retirement savings They're going to add political directives to your IRA 401k whatever you have directives The administration says the rule will make it easier for retirement plans to offer 401k funds focused on environmental social and governance objectives they're doing this in our corporations In fact the rule will coerce workers and businesses into supporting these American Marxist policies Do you hear

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