Keep the Movement Going: Buy and Share 'American Marxism'


One I want to keep this movement going ladies and gentlemen The movement that you and I know exists under the radar they were now and then we show some ankle Even our Friends on TV and on radio they don't acknowledge it but that's okay They react to it And I'll react We're in this baby We're on the front lines where the point of the spear you and me all of us Those of you who have not acquired your copies of American Marxism please do As soon as possible or get the audio or however doesn't matter whatever platform will ever form I was in Costco today for my regular hot dog and I want to salute kashka This book's been out now over three and a half months and Costco still has it on its table In Costco rarely ever does that Rarely And I want to salute yes Amazon Amazon is kept stocked up Barnes and noble Walmart has done a fantastic job Sam's And BJ's and all of them They've been absolutely superb So the books are there for now Then about the supply chain stuff I told you about paper It's no joke It's no head fake There really is a paper issue Let's toilet paper paper towels or paper for books So I want to encourage you to act I want to keep this movement going This is our way of trying to defend the country internally Most of us are not in the military overseas Most of us are not police officers or in law enforcement And we're not even talking about that kind of defense We're talking about defense in a republic As civilians

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