A highlight from Monday Night Football Plays For 11/22

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Of course, we're gonna dive into a juicy little Monday night matchup in Tampa, between the Buccaneers and a team that I need a nose oh so well in the New York area, the New York football giants, making you some NBA as well, but it is a holiday week. So we'll give you the appetizers that hopefully load up your wallet so you can spend a little more money on Black Friday if that's what you do, or load up your wallet so you can buy new pants after you load up on Turkey dressing and all the trimmings on Thursday for Thanksgiving, get nice and fat and happy for the holiday season. All right, Anita, we will be happy tonight to watch another Monday night matchup. This time, it is Tampa hosting the New York Giants. Tom Brady and co coming off that rather disappointing loss last week to the Washington football team coming out of the buy. So they had an extra day of rest to get ready for Monday night against the Giants. They're laying 11 as a home favorite, total of 49 and a half is what I see right now on Caesar, so first we'll start as we always do with the side and total. Let me know how you feel about that. Then we'll dip into the prop market. But Tampa a and 11 total of 49 and a half, high approaching this one. Yeah, listen, here's the thing. Tampa has lost two in a row, right? And look at the difference home in a way. They're crushing it at home. I get all of that. So I understand there's a lot of people that even though you're laying double digits, if you do take the Giants, for a number of reasons, I am going to take the Giants plus 11. I am going to play that and also I'm going to play a 6 point teaser. I'm going to tease the Giants up to plus 17 and I'm going to tease the over down to 44. Okay, box of an averaging 40 points a game at home. The Giants, why do I like the Giants? The Giants are coming off of a buy, as I said, the box of lost two straight, Tom Brady, not himself. He's got four interceptions in those two games. Injuries, he's still going to be without AB, even though Gronk is expected back tonight. Is out, which hurts them in the rushing game and their secondary out of their four starting DBs. Of course, two corners, two safeties. They're only going to be sporting one starter from the start of the season. They have a lot of injuries in their secondary, also their secondary second most penalties in the NFL. They've got 11 penalties, whether it's past interference or holding whatever the case, second most penalties, the secondary for the bucks they do. The Giants, they get saquon Barkley back. Everything that I'm hearing in New York is that he should be active how attractive is he going to be? I'll let you know when we get to our props. But they also get Anthony Thomas back or Andrew Thomas sorry on the offensive line. Get areas Tony and Kenny gallaudet have been practicing well this week, so they should be rearing to go. You also have slayton and that wide receiving core, no Sterling shepherd. He didn't make the trip. And also, another thing that I don't think is enough is being discussed here is that you don't forget Joe judge and Patrick Graham, Patrick Graham, the defensive coordinator, both spend a lot of time with the New England Patriots on that coaching staff. They know Tom Brady and they know his tendencies very well. I think that that gives them a little bit of an edge. I think you have to put some weight in that. And the biggest thing and here it is, I've saved the best for last Tyler. The Giants defense, the last three games, okay? I mean, everybody likes to look at the statistics in regards to the season as a whole. But there's an ebb and flow to a season, especially a football team, right? Some that are getting better, some that are getting worse. The Giants defens the last three games have only allowed 39 points. Only 28% third down conversion rate. They've only allowed three touchdowns in 13 red zone trips from their opponents, right? Also, they're excellent against the short pass. Second best in the NFL, they have 5 interceptions and they're only allowing 6 yards per pass on short passing place. And that's where Tom Brady thrives. That's his Wheelhouse. So just, again, I think a few reasons why I do like the Giants tonight and I do believe that they'll cover. So I am on the giant side at plus 11. And like I said, I'm going to use them as a 6 point teaser, same game. I'm going to tease the Giants up to plus 17 and I'm going to tease the over down to 44. We are absolutely in lockstep aligned on how we're approaching side and toe. I'm doing the same thing. If I'm not teasing, I would take the Giants plus 11. That's just I think too many points for a team that as you pointed out has been really, really good defensively as of late. Remember, last year on Monday night, they played Tampa really well in New York, almost won that game outright. And now they're getting saquon Barkley back. They're getting cad areas Tony. Kenny gallaudet, as healthy as he's been in a while, no veto veia, on the other side of the huge loss for Tampa Bay and they're dynamite, run defense. So all these things add up having me take the Giants, but I really do like the two legs 6 point teaser. I'm gonna tease the Giants up to 17 point dogs in the total down to 44, 43 and a half and play that over as well. Because I do think both teams will be able to score Tampa at home will be able to score maybe not, you know, the 40 points that they're used to averaging, but I think they can score at least two or three touchdowns. And I think the Giants have the most ready offense, the most capable offense they've had in some time with all these guys that are getting back. Andrew Thomas on the offensive line, even though he wasn't great last year, his play has improved. This year. And that's a big benefit for Daniel Jones. We know that the Tampa Bay defense has been suspect, especially through the air.

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